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2019 Week 9 Review: TrailsRoc 7th Birthday, My Facebook Rant, Weekly Stats, Trail Running Tip

7th Birthday TrailsRoc Group pic, courtesy of Chris O'Brien.

A good week, though mileage is still not super high, I got out for four runs which is another step in the right direction.  Catch up with this quick weekly review!

TrailsRoc 7th Birthday Run:

Saturday celebrated the local TrailsRoc trail running groups' 7th birthday.  We met at Kreag Park in Pittsford, NY for a short snowy run on the Crescent Trail before sharing some treats.  There were about 40 or people in attendance including kids and there were a few dogs as well.  This group is a very welcoming and friendly group with various runs during the week, each and every week, as well as putting on trail maintenance days and a few races each year.  I am fortunate to be able to have found such a great group and I love meeting up with them when I can or saying hi at races.  Out of respect and a desire to want to say thank you for their welcoming embrace when I moved here three years ago, as well as every time I see them, I reached out to a few companies I represent as well as a friendly company from Syracuse, to get some goodies to share.  While TrailsRoc does not endorse any particular company in any way, they were kind enough to let me bring samples from Nuun and The Ginger People to share, as well as packs from Orange Mud to demo .  In addition, Orange Mud also sent a pack to give away to one lucky winner, and AfterShokz sent a pair of Trekz Titanium to give away.  Thank you again to all four companies, everyone was really psyched for the free samples as well as the demo and the two awesome prizes we raffled off!  Below are some pics from our get together.

Getting ready to run on the Crescent Trail.

Brooke and Bob running ahead of me as we head back throught the snow.

The stark contrast of the bare brown trees and the newly fallen snow were awesome yesterday.

Heading up and back!

A strange cowboy, (me?), flies the Orange Mud colors as board member Sheila takes my pic.

Halfway there...oh on a prayer...actually I was running pretty well yesterday...but I do usually pray at some point during a run!

Topping out!

Our headphone winner...whose name escapes me now!

Barb, our pack winner, who I met "officially" on the trail.

My Facebook Rant:

So Wednesday I had finally had it with all the winter haters out there and posted this before work in the morning: do I word this...I’m kind of getting tired of runners whining about having to use the treadmill because it’s snowing or cold out. To me...If you don’t like running on the treadmill then layer up and get outside. I ran 4 mi outside in dark cold conditions & it was great. Running on the treadmill... that’s like death to me...

I ended up having about 9 comments and over 20 likes.  Not huge, but it definitely hit a spot for a few people one way or the other.  I don't own a treadmill, and I don't want to really.  If you like them and want to run on them, fine.  Consider yourself fortunate, but please stop whining about winter.  I ran four times this week in winter weather having to be very careful of the windburn (2nd year) on my eyelid, lathering it up with Aquaphor before every run, and oftentimes 1-2 more times during the day.  

Yet, this winter, going all the way back to Thanksgiving and through yesterday's group run, I have enjoyed thoroughly.  Maybe its because I finally started feeling pain free again at the beginning of the year.  Maybe it's because God pulled me out of a 2+ year dark hole (self-diagnosed) depression in early November 2018.  Maybe it's because competing in and doing so well in the local snow shoe series gave me something to push myself.  Whatever it is, perhaps it's enjoying living again and actually kind of always liking colder weather, praise God!  

If you don't like winter, that's up to you.  But maybe if you sought a way to enjoy it instead of complain about it, you'd find it's pretty awesome!  Now, can we talk about those Summers in Iowa I struggled through with 80-90F temps and the same humidity...

Weekly Stats:

Well, only .1 more miles than last week, but 1 more run than the week before, which means I am back up to 4 runs a week.  If Saturday had been my normal run, then most likely mileage would have been higher.  Overall though, 13.4 miles with 800 feet of gain and 845 feet of loss.  

Trail Running Tip:

This is really an any sport tip, and it's fairly simple:  lay out your clothes, shoes, and anything else you will need, the night before if running (biking, etc.), the next day.  

This means you will also need to take into account and look up on the computer or an app, the temperature and weather for the next morning and account for rain, wind, etc.

This means you will need to make sure any devices you use like GPS, MP3 player, etc. are charged.

This also may mean alerting someone that you are going out.  In certain cases it may mean making sure you have pepper spray.  In extreme cases, it may mean carrying bear spray.

In other words, you are making your commitment to run, (or bike, whatever), at night before you go to sleep so your mind is set on doing it in the morning and there's no argument when you wake up.

Is it fool proof...ha...yeah right...but it helps more times than naught.  Plus, it means you take less time getting around and make less noise in the morning when you get up!

Send Off:

May the Lord bless you and keep you,
May He make His face to shine upon you and bless you,
May He life His countenance upon you and give you peace.

from Numbers 6, the Aaronic Blessing.

Get out there and ENJOY this week!!!---Bradford Zinnecker

Monday, February 25, 2019

2019 Week 8 Review: Final & Official Goose Adventure Racing Snowshoe Series Standings, Weekly Stats, Ice Run/Winter Trail Running Gear Reveiw

My favorite picture from this year's Goose Adventure Racing Snowshoe Series.

A day late again, but it was a busy weekend coming off of the kids' break.  Few more miles this week even though I only got out three times.  Catch up with this weekly review!

Final & Official Goose Adventure Racing Snowshoe Series Standings:

The final standings for the local Goose Adventure Racing Snowshoe Series Standings came out during the week, and as I thought, I was 6th place overall!  Woohoo!  Not only that, but I was only 4 points out of 5th place behind the Master's Winner.  Considering I was just hoping to break the top 10, I'm pretty excited.  Barely 5 months ago I was in the hospital having an inguinal hernia surgery and that followed by a rehab that didn't go as well as I had hoped.  I didn't actually start feeling well, really well, actually limber and free of associated back pain, until literally, like the day before the first snowshoe race.  Praise God!  

Here's how the series broke down for me:

Frozen Assets 5K    29th overall, 20th male, 81 points in the men's division.

Winterfest 8K          32nd overall, 25th male, 76 points.

Little Rodent(5mi).  12th overall, 7th male.  44 points.

Cast-a-Shadow 6hr   12th overall, 10th male, 56 points.

Nordicfest 10K         13th overall, 12 male, 89 points.

Total:  346.

I have never raced this much in January and February.  While the first 2 races ended up being trail races due to a lack of snow base, the final 3 were all snowshoe races, and the first ones that I have ever done.  This was the first time in a long time where I really tried to compete and scrapped for every point.  In addition though, by the end of the series, I also found I had some new friends and we had a common comraderie from the 6 weeks.  

Kudos to Goose Adventure Racing for putting on a great series.  Kudos to my 2 chiropractors at Hadley Chiropractic and my LMT, Jennifer Sheets.  If it weren't for the three of them, I wouldn't have done so well, and might still be in a lot of lower back pain.  God has definitely gifted each of you.  Thanks to four great companies for letting me represent them as an ambassador: The Ginger People, Orange Mud, Nuun Hydration, and Sportland Tea.  Thank you to my wife and kids for letting me do all this racing in such a short amount of time over several weekends.  Finally, once again, Praise God for strengthening me and making this possible!

Weekly Stats:

Coming off the final snowshoe race, I took a few days off last week and once again only got three runs completed.  A few more miles than the prior week, but nowhere close to what this number will hopefully be later this year:  13.3 miles with 751 feet of gain and 764 feet of loss.  The final run was a 6 mile ice run with 512 feet of gain and 518 feet of loss.  See below.

Ice Run/Winter Training Gear Review:

A lot of pictures follow from that 6 mile ice run.  I couldn't have even completed this run if I hadn't bought a pair of Yaktrax Run Traction Cleats for Running on Snow and Ice.  I bought these originally for the last race in the snowshoe series, Nordicfest, in case there wasn't enough snow to snowshoe.  I didn't end up needing them to race, so Saturday was my first run in them.  They were awesome.  I had complete traction and therefore confidence on all the ice you see below and only slipped one time in 6 miles.  No falls!  All pictures are from Mendon Ponds Park on what I call the West Esker Ridge Trail but what many call the green loop, (though I might have been off that loop in a few places.)

Send Off:

Proverbs 18:10

The name of the Lord is a strong tower;
       the righteous man runs into it and is safe.

Have a great, safe, week and get out there and ENJOY!!!---Bradford Zinnecker

Monday, February 18, 2019

2019 Week 7 Review: 10 Years Running Log Data, Nordicfest 10K Snowshoe Race Review, Weekly Stats

My Valentine got me some great goodies from The Ginger People!

Sorry this is a day late!  Some great milestones accomplished this busy week even though the mileage was still fairly low!  Catch up with this weekly review!

10 Years Running Log Data:

Starting date on this app was February 12, 2009.

Ten years later, the distance is 8,373.65 miles!  Whoop!  Whoop!

The two pictures really describe this without too much more information needed.  I have been using this (now very old) iPad Touch to continually record my runs since February 12, 2009.  I started trail running long before that, back in 2002, but I don't have any of my old logs as far as I know.  I only use this old Touch for this single app.  Hoping to hit 9,000 miles perhaps later this year and for sure before 2/12/20!

Nordicfest 10K:

Image may contain: people standing, tree, outdoor and nature
Heading toward the finish amidst the pines at the Cummings Nature Center in Naples, NY during Nordicfest! (Photo Courtesy of Mary Ryan.)

The final race of the Goose Adventure Racing Series was the running of the Nordicfest 10K Snowshoe Race held at the Rochester Museum of Science-Cummings Nature Center in Naples, NY on Saturday, February 16, 2019.  Going into the race I was 6th overall and 2 points behind 5th place.

There was enough snow for snowshoes on the course, but the snow was crusty and then powdery underneath with the occasional wet spot/puddle hiddle in secret areas.  It was chillier than I had thought and I went back and forth beforehand with what level of layer to use for my mid layer and finally decided to take my heaviest layer off and replace it with something a bit lighter.  

One of the things I have enjoyed about this series is getting to know some of the people I am competing against.  Two of them, Veronica and John, I have run with during some point of just about every race.  So as we started off, I followed John into the woods and we were soon following behind Veronica.  While we passed her early on and then I took off from John, I have really enjoyed running/snowshoeing with them as they have really pushed me in this series.  I feel like we aren't just competitors but friends.

By the 1.5 mile mark I had settled in not too far behind Michael, who was 2 points ahead of me in the overall standings.  Then...I stepped in a low spot which was really a puddle covered by snow and I broke through.  This immediately tripped me up and I went down.  But...the adrenaline from the fall pushed me right up and I got going as a runner behind asked if I was okay.  I answered in the affirmative and then took a quick assessment.  Other than a bit of intial pain from the cold and wintry mix now on my legs, especially around my knees, I was okay.  That subsided fairly quickly, but I did lose a few seconds to my competition.  Then after we passed the aid station, the slow 400ft climb from mile 2-4 started.  While I hiked a lot of that and tried to keep Michael in my sights, I couldn't seem to gain on him, and little did I know until I talked to him afterwards, he was in a battle with two other competitors near him, including Peter, who was immediately in front of him in the standing by 6 points!  

I will admit that the hill, the fall, and even the cumulative effect of 4 weekends of racing within 6 weeks took a toll as I went through that section and it was tempting at points to let the wind out of my sails a bit.  I tried to keep pushing and checked behind me often for where anyone was behind me.  No one seemed to close until the downhill started.

Image may contain: tree, sky, plant, outdoor, nature and water
Another view from the trail. Photo Courtesy of Mary Ryan.

As the long downhill continued, eventually a runner got closer and closer to me but he didn't actually make the pass until I stopped at the aid station and I let him go through.  He stayed within sight for the next mile and as we entered the flats and drew closer to the science center, a stretch I remembered from last year's Frost Town 25K.  As we made a sort of U-Turn within the woods, I looked back and saw three male snowshoers gaining on me even as the competitor in front slowed and occasionally walked.  I realized at this point I had to book it home if I didn't want to lose any more points to anyone ahead of me, (since I didn't know where the guys immediately behind me in the series standings were even though I had quite a few points on them), so the last 8/10 of a mile had me pushing the limit keeping them at bay while also trying to still catch the guy in front.  

We passed through the rows of pines from the earlier picture above and I pushed as hard as I could.  As I turned the corner I saw two of my kids and then the finish line...praise GOD!!!  I crossed and saw my family, excited to be done!  

Image may contain: 8 people, including Mary Ryan, people smiling, people standing
The overall series and master's winners (minus 1 who had left and plus 1 for a 2nd place tie).

Then with my family and several new friends made over the last 6 weeks, we had a chili lunch and awaited the series awards.  I am fortunate to have met almost all of those in the picture above and enjoyed competing with and against them throughout this series.  Since there was a tie for 2nd place in the Men's Category overall, Michael ended up winning the Master's Division by, (my own reckoning as the final standings haven't come out yet), I think 4 points over me.  This puts me as 5th place overall due to the tie for 2nd, or perhaps 6th depending upon how they list it.  More importantly though, I not only met my goal, but smashed it.  My hope had been to finish Top 10 and that certainly happened!  Along the way I learned I can now push my body hard once again, (5 mos out from hernia surgery), had a lot of fun, gained some new friends, and give all the glory to GOD!

Interestingly enough, the two people right behind me for the race were the two people right behind me in the standings and that I hadn't beaten in any of the other races except for Saturday and that's probably because I prayed and God granted me the ability to push hard the last several minutes of the race!  Woof!  I was beat!  I am still tired as I write this on Monday night.

After the Nordicfest 10K with 2 of my kids.

Weekly Stats:

Again, a pretty light week, but I knew I had a busy weekend not only with racing but I also filled in preaching the day after the 10K snowshoe race.  Just 10 miles total, 6 from the race and two 2 mile runs during the week with a total of 600 feet of gain and 657 feet of loss.

Send Off:

Isaiah 40:28-31

Do you not know?
    Have you not heard?
The Lord is the everlasting God,
    the Creator of the ends of the earth.
He will not grow tired or weary,
    and his understanding no one can fathom.
29 He gives strength to the weary
    and increases the power of the weak.
30 Even youths grow tired and weary,
    and young men stumble and fall;
31 but those who hope in the Lord
    will renew their strength.
They will soar on wings like eagles;
    they will run and not grow weary,
    they will walk and not be faint.

Have a great week and get out there and ENJOY!!!---Bradford Zinnecker

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2019 Week 6 Review: Goose Adventure Racing Snowshoe Series Update, Scott Jurek Book Review, News Links, Weekly Stats, Winter Training Tip

Panoramic view from a bench at Sherwood Fields Park outside of Penfield, NY.

A very low mileage week coming off of 5 hours of racing back on Groundhog Day as well as having  early morning starts at work on Thursday and Friday.  Catch up with this weekly review!  

The start line for Winterfest back on January 13, 2019.

Goose Adventure Racing Snowshoe Series Update:

I was quite shocked when my friend Jeri sent me a note on Facebook last Sunday saying she had seen the overall standings for the snowshoe series and that I was in...6th place overall!!!  Woah!  Praise God!!!  I had thought maybe at best I'd move into around 8th if I broke the top 10 at all!  Here are the overall men's standings with one race left to go:  Goose Adventure Racing Men's Snowshoe Standings.  This really was an answer to prayer.  I had pushed hard last Saturday morning in the first race to score over 40 points so I'd only have to run 6 laps in the afternoon to grab the rest of my points (you max out at 100).  I was still feeling the effort of these races even as recent as Friday at work.  I'm trying to stay limber for the final race and catch up on some rest and sleep.  

Scott Jurek Book Review:

Image result for scott jurek northI saw Scott Jurek's new book, North: Finding My Way While Running the Appalachian Trail on Black Friday at our local Barnes and Noble.  I mentioned to my wife that she could get me it for Christmas and that's exactly what happened.

This book is an interesting read because it comes from 2 perspectives as his wife Jenny also writes part of each chapter giving us a sort of behind the scenes/support crew/spouse's perspective on an elite athlete going after an FKT on one of the hardest trail systems in our country.

The book is separated into the major sections of the AT journey.  It gives us both a firsthand account of the journey for Scott, Jenny, and a whole host of people that join them and/or they run into, but also dives into their own struggles not only with the journey north, but in their souls.  

This was not an easy journey for Scott or Jenny and certainly at times it seems as if they both may have been at their breaking point, but in the end...well, I guess you'll have to read it!   A great read and I really liked that the book included both of their perspectives on this life changing journey.

News Links:

A few articles from this past week that were interesting and/or helpful reads:

First Aid Wound Management, actually a simple but helpful article for those who might need to help someone out either at an aid station or on course.

Jam Jam Profile, a great article on the insanely busy host of Mountain Outhouse News on YouTube.

Remembering John Morelock , an article by Andy Jones-Wilkins on a great man from the ultra world. I truly enjoyed Morelock's book when I read it back in 2015.

Trail Racing Going Corporate, the new debate, is this good or bad?  Let me know your thoughts on social media!

Trail Runner Attacked by Mountain Lion, you've likely seen this already, but if not, or if you've been looking for the article, here you go.  

Ginger & Tumeric VS. NSAIDs for Battling Arthritis, Interesting article from one of the companies I represent.  Ginger truly is an awesome spice/food!

Sherwood Fields Park.

Weekly Stats:

A very, very low mileage week.  I decided to take Sunday thru Tuesday off to recover from the 5 hours of snowshoe racing on Groundhog Day.  Thursday and Friday I had early starts at work necessitating that I get up at 4am.  That left me with just Wednesday and Saturday to run.  I was still pretty tired on Friday as I noted above, so just 7 miles this week with 306 feet of gain and 312 feet of loss.  Though this isn't much for a week of running, I have done more racing in January and February than ever and last Saturday's almost 20 mile snowshoe effort is the longest I have done since well before my surgery last September.

Bit icy back in this section of single track.  

Winter Training Tip:

Winter of 2018, I somehow managed to chap both of my eyelids.  This got so bad that I had to resort to some pretty strong OTC health aids to fix it and they were a bit painful.  This year, seeking to not let this happen again, I started lathering up with Aquaphor on my eyelids and below my eyes for that matter as well.  While I have a tiny area on my right eye that feels like it is trying to develop, it is so much better than last year when both of my eyelids were fire red!  Now, eyelid chafing may not be an issue for you, but perhaps somewhere else is...guess what...this stuff is awesome anywhere for dealing with chafing/chapping.  Oh, and no, I am not an ambassador for Aquaphor, this is simply this week's training tip to be used in any sport you might do in the winter time from skiing to mountain biking, to snowshoeing, to running.

Image result for aquaphor
This stuff is awesome!!!

Send Off:

Hebrews 12:1-3

"Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us, fixing our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of faith. For the joy set before him he endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God. Consider him who endured such opposition from sinners, so that you will not grow wearyand lose heart."

Stay strong, persevere, and get out there and ENJOY!!!   Brad Zinnecker

Goofing around Saturday taking a selfie laying down on a bench in Sherwood Fields Park.

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