Thursday, June 5, 2014

Vertigo and Running

Vertigo.  My Oxford Desk Dictionary and Thesaurus defines it this way, "condition with a sensation of whirling and a tendency to lose balance; dizziness; giddiness."

Great.  Just over 2 weeks from the 6 hour Dizzy Goat, I am already dizzy.  Or is it giddy?  Well, not sure about the giddy part, though I do partially feel like I have been on Benadryl for the last several days.  Any time I lay down or lean back, when my head comes up, I feel like I am aboard a ship and my head is swaying with the waves.

I am suppose to do a 5 hour training run tomorrow and I am so exhausted, I just want to go to bed.  Vertigo makes you feel really tired on top of the weird swaying sensations I have been feeling.  Yet, I must have a fairly mild case as I have been able to keep working, running, and even go to the movies.  

Yesterday was National Running Day, and I refused to back down despite the vertigo.  So, after having written a whole sermon on the parable of the wedding banquet in Matthew 22:1-14, I went out to run for an hour.  It's interesting, whatever version of vertigo I have, it doesn't seem to affect my running other than that I am tired.  But yesterday, after having run into a headwind in the first half of the run, I think I negative split the run, ending the final mile with an 8:22.

I'll take it.  But tomorrow?  Hmm....I don't know.  Instead, I need to have faith in God and trust Him.  Matthew 6:34, "Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself.  Each day has enough trouble of its own."

Thoughts?  Comments?  Ever had vertigo? 

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