Monday, July 7, 2014

Daring to Ask the Uncomfortable Question

Okay, so I've had this question bouncing around in my head for a while...I want to be sensitive in asking it, so please know, I am not trying to take away from anyone's accomplishments and/or dreams...but...

What's up with all the ##.# x # signs on people's cars and social media walls?  13.1 x 49, 26.2 x 35, etc. Recently I was pulling out of a parking lot after a major race and the huge, new looking SUV in front of me had a back window posted over with "Olympic Trials Qualifier x 4, 26.2 x 49" or something of some such sort.  And while I admire those accomplishments, all I could think of was that these types of things come across as potentially arrogant as much as they may come off as admirable.

Granted, our social media dominant age survives and thrives on the idea that we put our best face forward and constantly seek to improve our image.  Accomplishments that people look up to certainly help with achieving that goal.  But where does it end?  

Now, dare I ask the next question...why does this seem to be more of a road running thing than a trail running thing?  (Though I do also see it w/some trail and ultra runners too.)  Most trail and ultra runners are kind of chill about this type of thing, I can't picture Anton Krupicka driving around in a buffed up SUV with 100 x 25 or something like that, can you?  

Maybe this is partially because trail races do not easily fall into exact measurements like half and full marathons.  For example, of the 5 races I have done this year, 3 of them fall between a half and full marathon: 25K, 17M, 22.75M.  If I posted all the weird distances that I trail raced over the years, I'd run out of space on my social media wall! :)

I love accomplishing goals and love seeing others accomplish their goals too, but when does our display of them for everyone to see start to water it down for all of us?  When does our display for everyone to see go from being part of a "sports resume" to just trying to one up each other?

Or am I just out of touch with the way the world works today?  Thoughts?  Comments?

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