Monday, July 14, 2014

Summer Racing Season, Part 2: Grimes Farm Run, July 12, 2014, Marshalltown, IA.

This past weekend my family once again traveled down to the edge of Marshalltown, IA to race in the Grimes Farm Run.  This race occurs at the Grimes Farm Nature Center and includes several distances including a little kids race.

My oldest son and oldest daughter both ran the 1.6 mile race.  This was my daughters first "big girl" race. Originally we thought it was a 1.6K race and that she'd be running just a mile, which is the distance she had been training for when she ran with me.  However, after having signed up, I found out it was 1.6 miles, which I did not bother to tell her concerned it would cause riots in the streets...or at least in our house!  She did awesome, even beating her older brother and getting second in her age division!  (She also snuck into the little kids race with her 2 younger siblings.)  Even though her brother lost to her, he placed first in his age division!

My second oldest son ran the 5K just as he did last year.  Competition was a bit stiffer in his age division this year and conditions were a bit tougher, with very high humidity and several areas of slick mud due to the rain received overnight and that had just ended an hour or two before the race started.

Two of our other six kids, (w/their older sister sneaking in as well) ran the little kids run and it was a pleasure to watch them enjoy running, especially with our youngest son so excited to receive a medal!!!

I ran the 8K+ and despite being slower than last year, (probably due to a combination of the high humidity, slick mud sections, and being tired from the Dizzy Goat 6 Hour just 3 weeks prior), actually placed 2nd in my age division.

Our family also competed in the fastest family competition, and since there were no other teams signed up, we won that award too.  Overall, despite some registration snaffus at the beginning, we had another great Grimes Farm Run.  This conservation area is a special hidden treasure and features a pretty tough hill in the first mile.  The rest of the course is mostly flat and on grass with a some amount of paved trail and a little stretch of gravel. 

It's a great family feeling race with good schwag, (tech shirt with different colors for the guys and the gals as well as a reusable race bag with some goodies in it).

A few pics we snapped below!  Thanks for reading!  If you get a chance and want to enjoy God's good creation here in Iowa, make a point to sign up for next year's race.  Plenty of race options for the whole family!!!
Start of the 1.6M, 5K, & 8K+ at the Grimes Farm Run.

Running her first "big girl" race, 1.6 miles!

Finishing a humid, muddy 5K!

Two sisters running the little kid's run after the adult races.

Very excited to receive his medal!!!

Receiving his gold medal for first in his age division, 1.6 miles.
After the race, all the family competitors plus their littlest sister.  Maybe she'll race next year!!!

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