Monday, September 8, 2014

Product Review: Runner's Tea, Ginger Berry

The Runner's Tea recently became Sportland Tea.
(The following post was written before Runner's Tea became Sportland Tea.  Original tea blends remained the same and new ones were added!)

Earlier this summer, I had come across the Runner's Tea on Twitter and was intrigued about the product, but a bit reluctant to try something new out.  Shortly after my run at the 6 hour Dizzy Goat, I was in communication with them via Twitter and they gave me a race discount for my efforts at the event so I decided to give the product a try.

The Runner's Tea is a loose leaf tea, meaning that you need to brew it using a tea infuser, French press, or, in my case, an English Brown Betty, an example of which you can find here: 2 Cup English Brown Betty.

The first thing I noticed when I opened my package of tea was the color, an interesting kind of sage green color.  Then I noticed the smell---wonderful!  I still love opening the package and taking a deep whiff!  The 4 oz package makes about 40 8oz servings of tea.  The tea is  100% organic and gluten-free.  The ginger berry tea flavor has matcha green tea powder, (which is what colors everything in that funky sage green color), ginger root, (great for the tummy), hibiscus flowers, lemongrass, lemon balm, ginseng, natural raspberry flavor, and cinnamon.  When you brew the tea and pour it out, it is quite a visual experience as well.  All the colors of the tea and spices fill my strainer like a small bouquet of colors and aromas.  Pretty cool!

Now, while the Runner's Tea is to be drunk hot about 15-30 minutes to get the best use of the product during a run, the website also mentions icing it and drinking a cup before your run, which seems more appropriate at this time of year.  Since I don't have a lot of time before most of my early morning runs, what I do is brew it the night before, ice it solid in the freezer, and add water to fill up my handheld bottle.  While this does mean I am diluting the tea a bit, I have found as the bottle melts the next morning and I get more of the flavors during the run, I really enjoy it.  Plus, I am getting more of the benefits of the tea later in the run as I am out there and my endurance needs a boost.

The taste?  It is excellent!  Tastes just like the wonderful aroma when you open the package and settles nicely on the stomach.

In the next couple of days I will post a Q&A with the Runner's Tea and let them tell you more about the genesis of the product and why they felt it was a great addition to the current market of sports drinks available for runners.

Saturday, I will take off at The North Face Endurance Challenge WI trail marathon with 2 bottles of Runner's Tea to get me started on what will hopefully be a great day.  The following day, I will have a cup in the morning beforehand as I race with my daughter and help her complete her first 5K at the same challenge series weekend!

As a disclaimer, I am a Runner's Tea ambassador.

I hope you will take a chance to enjoy it too!  For more information about the tea and myself, check out this podcast, which the Runner's Tea also sponsors:

Unapologetically Ultra - Brad Zinnecker & the Runner's Tea

P.S. 3/22/17 Please note that The Runner's Tea is now Sportland Tea.

Hanging out in my new Sportland Tea gear, March 2017.

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