Friday, September 26, 2014

Scouting Trail for Next Year's Trail Race in Hardin County

Today was the second time in three days that I spent some time scouting trail for a trail race next year in Hardin County, Iowa, just north of Steamboat Rock.  Wednesday two guys that work for Hardin County Conservation and I toured potential trails on the east side of the Iowa River in the Sac & Fox Overlook and Sand Springs areas.  

This morning, one of those guys and I went back and looked at the west side of the Iowa River in the Pine Ridge area of conservation land.  Below are some of the pictures I got with my GoPro which was set to go off at 30 second intervals.
This trail heads up from where the race could start from below in the Pine Ridge campground.
After continuing up a bit and passing a pond on the left, the trail opens up like this...
...and into more open prairie like this.
Eventually you come to a hill that we could mow a path down and go through the trees way down into more open prairie!
Coming back up that hill could route you back around to a hill that would take you down to the Iowa River thru the woods.
You can see the river thru the woods.
For the longer race, we'd like to find a low spot and cross the Iowa River and run into Sac & Fox and Sand Springs.
What goes down must go up, just to the left, steeply up thru the trees---we were huffing!
View from the top is awesome and looks into Sac & Fox.  The strip off right of center is the path up to the overlook at Sac & Fox.
More prairie running.
You can just see the pond off to the right of the trees as we head back to the car.  There's also another loop near that hidden in the woods we'd probably use but didn't have time to hike today.
Heading back to the potential starting area...and my hand!!! :)

Just a few shots to whet your appetite and get them out there for people.  We really want this race to benefit Hardin County Conservation and showcase the great trails and potential enjoyable usefulness of the Pine Ridge, Sac & Fox, and Sand Springs areas near Steamboat Rock, Iowa.

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