Monday, February 9, 2015

Racing Schedule 2015

As many of us are deep in the snows and cold temps of winter, now seems like a good time to lay out a racing schedule for 2015.  Like many of you, I actually started working on this schedule back in 2014, but as we get deeper into 2015, it seems time to finally start to lay it out.  I am going to classify each race as certain, probable, or volunteering.  The races under certain are already paid and registered; the probable ones are likely, but the trigger hasn't been pulled yet; the volunteering races are races that I would like to run, might even be free to run, but probably will volunteer at for various reasons.

Winter: Freezin' For A Reason 10K Trail Run, Garrison, IA.  I just found this race over the weekend and it seems like a good one as a test of fitness and in preparing for the Zumbro 17M in April. The description marks this as an old train line renovated into a gravel trail.  It will be a simple out and back. Simple however can be an understatement in Iowa in March.  Winds can be high and it could either be unseasonably hot or cold, depending upon the year, with melting snow or ice covering any surface. Certain. Registered today.

Spring: Zumbro 17M, Theilman, MN.  My review of last year's race: Zumbro 17M 2014  Despite being ill for 48 hours or so beforehand, racing on a rain soaked/puddle filled trail, with a bad choice of shoes, on an overcast, cold, wet day, I had one of my most memorable races...ever!  My time was nothing to write home about, that's for sure, so I am hoping to make a major PR over last year! Certain, I even chose this over the Hawkeye 25K I have raced the last two years and which they moved to the same weekend as Zumbro.  Registered back in 2014.

Spring: Pilot Knob Trail Race 15K, Forest City, IA.  My review of last year's race: PKTR 15K 2014 
I am going back for my 5th time!  This is still one of my favorite races in Iowa.  It is also very challenging.  If it's possilbe to PR three weeks after Zumbro, then I will shoot for it that day.  If not, I will just go and have fun racing.  Either way, I look forward to enjoying the day!  Certain. Registering today. PKTR15K Registration

Spring: George Wyth Mud Run, Cedar Falls, IA.  My review of last year's race: George Wyth 2014  This will be my sixth running of this ~5K race I believe---5x in George Wyth, and once in Hudson, IA on a horse farm!  Love this little race, each year is different and it's fun to run with my kids.  Some years are muddier than others, so we will have to see what Spring brings.  Probable.

Spring: The Dino Trail Run and Deerfield Trail Race, Rapid City and Hill City, SD.  The first race is a 4 mile trail race in the evening and the second is an 11 mile trail race on a Saturday.  Both are part of the Black Hills Runners Club Trail Running Series.  Probable.  Registration is not up yet, but should be anytime.

Spring: Deadwood Mickelson Trail Marathon, Deadwood, SD.  This is a half and full marathon.  As it falls in between the two trail races noted above and since I have already signed up for the next two events listed below, I thought maybe I could just help at this one!  Volunteering.  Just sent an e-mail.

Summer: Wulfman's CDT 14K, Butte, MT.  This is a point to point race on a single-track course run N to S in even years and S to N in odd years.  It has a limited field of 240 runners and they go off one at a time every 10 seconds.  There is 1300+ feet of elevation gain and a little more loss on the S to N route this year according to the map in this 14K.  Certain.  Signed up back in January. Wulfman CDT 14K

Summer: Bangtail Divide 38K, Bozeman, MT.  This is another point to point race in the mountains of Montana and should be a great way to spend part of July 4.  There is just over 3000ft in elevation gain and about 2500ft in loss.  The climb at the beginning sounds like it will be a fairly major one. Certain. Signed up same day as I did for Wulfman in January.

Fall: Hardin Hill Run, Steamboat Rock, IA.  This is a 5K/15K that I am helping the Hardin County Conservation Board put on that will include using 4 pieces of conservation land that are on either side of the Iowa River just north of Steamboat Rock.  The 5K will stay on the west side of the river, but the 15K will cross over the river and then back again.  Both races will have some fairly steep, but short hills.  (Think 1/10mi long, but 100ft elevation gain.)  We are still putting everything together, so I will be updating more soon.  Volunteering.

Fall: Runner's Flat 50K, 20M, 10M Trail Race, Cedar Falls, IA.  Originally the Running Village 50K, I ran this in 2012 as my first race longer than a 1/2 marathon.  The next year I DNFed it 3 weeks after PRing at Pilot Knob which was a week after my first trail marathon at TNF ECS WI.  Yeah, I went from the half to ultra then to full.  Not exactly normal!  Anyway, I will either run one of these events or volunteer as I did last year when it changed names, if it fits into our schedule. Probable/Volunteering.

Fall: RCC Run the Woods, Earlham, IA. My review of last year's race: RCC Run the Woods Mini-Review  This race has been an end of the year event the last two years and has also given me a chance to introduce two of my kids to racing distances longer than 5K.  It is a small, out of the way race with great food, cool schwag, and a pretty hard course.  Hoping this year to run it for my own time and see my kids improve upon prior years if they join me! Probable, the beef stew and pumpkin cake, both from the Iowa Machine Shed, make the long trip for a short race all the more worth it!

Fall/Winter: Capital Striders Sycamore 8, Des Moines, IA.  I looked into this race last year and have had a couple of people mention it.  Not sure about the time of year with weather and the busyness of the Christmas season, but it sounds like a race that might be fun to try.  Probable, but it will definitely need to fit our schedule.  Maybe I can get one of the kids to race it with me?

Well, there it is.  Some new races, some old races.  Maybe there will even be a few that I didn't think of, and maybe some of these won't work out.  I will have to leave the future in God's hands and simply prepare my best for what comes!  And...I need to make sure it's all okay with my wife! :)

Addendum: Was just made a Bib Rave Pro last week.  So, might be a few changes in some races, or some different additional races, just have to see how the schedule works out for everything.

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