Monday, June 1, 2015

2015 Racing Season: George Wyth Adventure Run, May 16, 2015, Cedar Falls, IA

My middle son and I before we head out to the GW Adventure Run.
The week before the 9th Annual George Wyth Mud Run, aka the GW Adventure Run for 2015, was wet.  My son had already run in two junior high track meets, including the conference meet, during the week and we were looking for a good result to cap it off, but we also both knew it could get interesting.  

We arrived about 40 minutes or so early, plenty of time to get our bib, pins, and t-shirt.  This year's shirt was white with the front proudly displaying CVAST, Cedar Valley Association for Soft Trails, which puts on the race.  This year's field was perhaps a bit smaller than prior years, perhaps due to two other trail races going on within driving range of the Cedar Valley area.  However, it was an enthusiastic and fun crowd and we listened as Scott Gall, president of CVAST, and co-owner of The Runner's Flat, gave us last minute instructions.  These instructions included that there would be water/mud on the course, and that the course might be a little shorter than last year's, perhaps closer to 2.5 miles instead of 3.1M/5K.

The course quickly narrows into single track, and by the time we hit the tighter/harder to pass others type of narrow track in the woods, my son was off and doing well.  I let him go and decided to pace myself.  A few of the turns were slick and greasy, but when we hit the two big mud bogs I passed as I could, and got passed too, and then continued on charging ahead.  This year's course threw in a small little roller of a hill around the mile point that was a bit slick getting up and down even though it was really nothing that tall.  We then hit some tarmac for a brief 1/10th of a mile perhaps, before getting back into the woods.  By this time, I had started to put some distance to the runners behind me and was starting to think about working on overtaking the woman a ways in front of me.  I thought I still had about 3/4 of mile to go when I popped out of the woods and there was the finish line.  No, I hadn't missed a turn, the course was in fact a bit shorter than even the 2.5 miles!  My watch had it at 1.79 miles, making it closer to 3K instead of 5K.  I wasn't in a mood to complain too much as it was pretty humid out.  If I had known I was that close to the line, I might have pushed a bit harder, but c'est la vie!  It was a good race!!!

The food was awesome this year, a winning combination of select items from both Panera Bread and Hy-Vee.  My son had the bright idea to save 1 or 2 treats to bring home to the rest of the family, and so we did.  He placed 11th overall, 2nd in his age division, and I placed 15th, 2nd in my age division.  (GW Adventure Run Results 2015).  The trophies were mason jars filled with mud from the course and topped with your place number (1, 2, or 3) made out of twigs and hot glued together.

My second place age division award from the 2015 GW Adventure Run
After the awards we were told to take some more food, and so we grabbed a few more treats for the family and then later enjoyed them altogether at home after lunch.  We had a great day and enjoyed doing so well.  I believe this is my 6th edition of this race in it's various incarnations since I first moved here in 2007.  Praise God for another successful Spring race that I could enjoy with my son, and for the first time, he beat me, and I have no problem with that!  :)

My son with his 2nd place age division award.


  1. I enjoyed reading your post! Congratulations to you and to Aaron!


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