Friday, July 10, 2015

Product Review: Gin Gins Arjuna Ginger Bar

Recently I received an invitation to become an Authentic Ginger Tastemaker with the Ginger People, the company that many may know as the one that makes Gin Gins.  I love Gin Gins and regularly use them during my trail running and racing.  They provide a nice bit of sugar and spice during a run and help keep my stomach from getting nauseous.  (I will review them more at a later time.)  Today, I want to review one of the Ginger People's newest products, the Gin Gins Arjuna Ginger Bar.  Arjuna is the name of the volcano overlooking the ginger farms where the ginger is grown in Java, Indonesia, by a small village of organic ginger farmers.  The Ginger People have created a revenue sharing program with the farmers paying market price plus 15% as well as .5% of sales revunue from the Arjuna Ginger Bars sold worldwide.   

My bar came with quite a bit of information about how the bar itself is grown on local farms and made at local confectioners.  Notice, the low GI index of 44 as well.

The bar itself is just four ingredients: Coconut sugar, ginger, tapioca starch, and pectin.  The first three ingredients are all certifiend organic and the bar is gluten free, vegan, and packaged in a compostable foil.  

While my bar came with quite a bit of literature introducing it, it is actually packaged in mix packaging cardboard and a compostable foil wrapper.

The bar is dusted in some additional coconut sugar which is the scattered light brown dusty looking substance in the picture below.  The sugar gives a nice balance to the spiciness of the ginger.  The bar does have a bit of a ginger bite which brings a little heat for a few seconds, but it's real nice if you like spicy foods.  As I taste tested this today, my youngest, (let's just say, recent accomplishments in this child's life include potty training), wanted a taste too.  She enjoyed the first two bites, and it was only on the third bite when the spice overcame her younger tastebuds.  Even then, she was back a minute later wanting more!  The consistency is slightly different than Gin-Gins themselves, though similar.  I would say it is closer to a quality piece of licorice.

The Gin Gins Arjuna Ginger Bar unveiled!

Overall, I would say that the time and quality spent in making the Gin Gins Arjuna Ginger Bar was well worth it.  This is a great snack/pick me up and tastes awesome without too much of a sugar spike.  In addition, the thoughtfulness to make it easily compostable, vegan, and gluten free as well as profit sharing with the ginger farmers, makes this a bar you can feel good about in a lot of ways. Enjoy!  You can buy them here in a 16 pack: Arjuna Ginger Bar 16 Pack at

Disclaimer:  As noted above, I am an Authentic Ginger Tastemaker and was given a sample of this bar to taste and review.

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