Monday, October 19, 2015

Product Review: The Ginger People Ginger Rescue Strong & Ginger Rescue Mighty Mango (for Kids)

Earlier this summer, I received two new products from The Ginger People to try and review: Ginger Rescue Strong and Ginger Rescue Mighty Mango for Kids.  They are chewable ginger tablets to aid with gas and indigestion, help with nausea, or simply to promote digestive health.  

The packaging for the Ginger Rescue Strong by the Ginger People.

Both dietary supplements come in packs of 24 and have few ingredients, the packaging boasting that there are no drugs involved and that they are GMO Free.  A serving size is 2 tablets at 5 calories.

The Strong in terms of ginger is very strong.  There is a big ginger spicy bite at first.  This would seem to be counter-productive in terms of dealing with heartburn or indigestion, but ginger has been shown to help with digestive health, which is why many people will often pick up a bottle of ginger ale when they come down with the flu or other winter maladies.  The Ginger Actives Scale, which the Ginger People created, was made to indicate how much of the active ginger compounds are packed into a product like Ginger Rescue.  The Strong comes out at a 6 which appears to be the highest on the scale.  I have used these several times for dealing with heartburn and it does seem to help.

The Ginger Rescue Mighty Mango for Kids by the Ginger People.

I also tried the Ginger Rescue Mighty Mango for Kids.  The Mighty Mango has a Ginger Actives Rating of 5 and is definitely not near as spicy as the Strong.  It has a slight mango taste which is very pleasing.  One of my kids tried this once when her stomach was feeling unwell.  She wasn't quite use to the spicy hit of ginger as a youngster, but she did think it might have helped her stomach feel some better.  

A little bit of the promotional material for the Ginger Rescue products by the Ginger People.
Both of these products are great additions to the Ginger People line-up as well as providing a drug free alternative to aid in digestive health, especially for kids.  As a runner, these are also a nice alternative for those of us trying to eat healthy and keep processed foods to a minimum.

Check them out further at Ginger Rescue.

Disclaimer:  I am an Authentic Ginger Tastemaker and was given these samples of Ginger Rescue Strong and Ginger Rescue Mighty Mango for Kids to taste and review.  Enjoy!

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