Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Product Review: BUFF® Pelagic Camo Blue Half BUFF®

The BUFF® Pelagic Camo Blue UV Half BUFF®
Disclaimer: I received a Buff UV Half Buff as part of being a BibRave Pro.  Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador) and check out BibRave.com to review, find, and write race reviews!

So, how do you improve on perfection?  Just offer more colors...  BUFF® has a great line of products and I have recently been testing their UV Half BUFF® in the Pelagic Camo Blue.  In addition to this one, I have 2 others, one I got last year when I raced the Bangtail Divide 38K in Montana, and the other when I first tested this product.  Now, in round 2, I find that nothing has changed, except the color options...and that's just great.  Sure, there may be some minor changes I am unaware of, but you know what makes a product good, stand out, and last...when it doesn't need to be constantly "improved & updated" because it is already high quality.  That's the BUFF® products I know.  Sure, they block 95% of UV radition and are odor resistant, wind resistant, and dry quickly, as I noted last year, (BUFF® MN 1/2 BUFF® ReviewMN 1/2 BUFF Review), but the important thing is the consistent quality.  I know that if I were to need another one, wherever I bought/ordered one from, I'd get the same consistent quality.  There are a lot of BUFF® knock-offs out there, but they are not...let me repeat that...they are not BUFF® quality and consistency.  

The following three pics show all 3 of my UV Half BUFF® products.  These are great for cool mornings in the woods or mountains in the Summer as they can easily be scrunched up and taken off the ears to be used as more of a sweat absorbing/wicking type of headband.  Their moisture management and quick drying capability is a big plus in hot and/or humid weather.  Thanks for reading and enjoy a great run with your BUFF®!

With my BUFF® Minnesota UV Half BUFF® in Colorado last summer.

With my Bangtail Divide UV Half BUFF® on one of my last runs in Iowa.

With my Pelagic Camo Blue UV Half BUFF® in New York State.  Notice the BUFF® sticker on my Jeep, the only sticker on my Jeep!

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