Thursday, October 6, 2016

Product Review: 2Toms StinkFree Sports Detergent & 2Toms StinkFree Shoe & Gear Spray

Getting ready to spray my current trail-running shoes  with 2Toms StinkFree Shoe & Gear Spray.
Disclaimer: I received a sample of 2Toms StinkFree Sports Detergent & 2Toms StinkFree Shoe & Gear Spray to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to find and write race reviews. 

I have always wanted to try those sports detergents that say they will get the stink out of your clothes and gear.  So, when there was a chance to try some products from 2Toms, I thought I would give it a go.  This review is for two products from 2Toms, the StinkFree Sports Detergent and the StinkFree Shoe & Gear Spray.

First, the detergent.  

A 2 pack sample of 2Toms StinkFree Sports Detergent.

The first load I did with the 2 Toms product didn't come out as I thought it would, and I believe that is my fault.  Laundry detergents have become more concentrated as they turned from powders to liquids, and I think I filled my washer too full for the amount of soap I used in this case based upon rereading the instructions afterwards.  That one's my fault.

Make sure to read the directions clearly so you use the right amount of soap for the appropriate sized load of laundry.
So, the second load, I sized appropriately and the load of laundry came out fine.  There was no smell. Now, that's important, for we live in an age of overly perfumed expectations of laundry soap...what? What does that mean? It means, that 2 Toms uses no perfumes. So the load of laundry not smelling like a dirty sock, or a "summer breeze," or "alpine meadow," is all equal.  Just not smelling bad and not smelling like perfume, means it's golden!  It worked. Remember that as we come to the second product...

Second, the spray.

Just like the detergent, the spray should make things not smell bad, but they won't smell like a "mountain fresh stream," either.  That means it's working!

The spray also leaves no scent when it is working.  You know it is working, and that you've either used enough or sprayed it enough times, when your shoes simply stop stinky road or trail shoes.  This took a few applications for the main pair of shoes I did my testing on, but it did work. However, I ran in them today, and because the shoes get dirty, your body sweats, things are wet in the early morning, guess've got to spray it again in order to keep the smell away.  The instructions say you will have to do this, and it is a normal expectation of the product.  But, oh...what some people would do to make shoes not smell fill in the blank_____.  Some of my kids' shoes smell worse than my trail runners!!!

Overall, these things work, but you do need to understand how they work and adjust your expectations.  Right now, you can get 20% off with code 2Toms20 on any 2Toms products through the end of 2016!!!  Enjoy!

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