Saturday, April 22, 2017

Product Review: Eagle Creek Pack-It Sport Active Set

The Eagle Creek Pack-It Sport Active Set Comes with 2 components.

Disclaimer: I received an Eagle Creek Pack-It Sport Active Set to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to find and write race reviews. 

For you travelling runners and workout enthusiasts looking for a more sanitary way to get your smelly damp clothes from one place to another, I might have a suggestion for you. The Eagle Creek Pack-It Sport Active Set is a 2 piece set consisting of a shoe locker and wet dry fitness locker.  

Both lockers are antimicrobial, have odor control, are water repellent, with ventilation, are washable, can be hung, are ultra-light, and are part of a travel system.

Let's look at the foot locker first:

The Eagle Creek Shoe Locker, Large, with a pair of Montrail Caldorados inside.

The Eagle Creek Shoe Locker, size large, says it will hold up to a men's 13/46.  I used a pair of size 13 men's Montrail Caldorados to test this.  These are trail shoes, so the bottom treads are not flat and they stick out a bit past the foot bed on the sides.  While they were snug, they did fit.

How about that odor control?  I went for a run the other day and stuck the pair of shoes into the locker for around 20+ hours post-run.  While the shoes themselves smelled(!) when I took them out, the bag did not, nor could you smell them through the bag, an important point if you are travelling.  While I did let the bag air out for about 48 hours in the garage after I removed the shoes, I'm not sure I really needed to do that.  I smelled it just before sitting down to write this review and there is no lingering odor whatsoever in the shoe locker.  Seems like it works pretty well.

The testing of the shoe locker with some pretty stinky trail shoes inside!!!

The shoe locker, empty, hanging on the door, lightweight, easy to hang or grab.

Now, what about that wet dry locker?  The packaging says to store clean/dry clothes in the back, dirty/damp clothes in the front.  I think the front based on everything I looked at is the zippered side and the elastic pouch is considered the back.  This makes sense, as you want to zip the smell in and not have dirty clothes fall out, though in no way did clean clothes fall out of the elastic pouch, it's very secure.  This also seems to be correct because the zippered side appears to be the treated pocket, and finally, it has the labeling on it!!!

The wet dry fitness locker from Eagle Creek hanging on the door.

I tested the fitness locker the same day as the shoe locker and left the clothes in about the same amount of time. I took very damp and sweaty shorts, socks, and a shirt and stuffed them into the appropriate side and then took two clean shirts and a BUFF® and stuffed them into the dry side.  The next day, when I went to go for my run, I took the wet/sweaty clothes out, which were still damp and sweaty, and took the dry clothes out too.  The bag didn't smell on either side, the dry clothes were dry, and I even ran in one of the shirts that morning.  Seems again, that this part of the set pulled it's weight easily.

The dry side of the Eagle Creek Fitness Locker.

Wet clothes stayed damp, but dry clothes stayed dry and they didn't smell either!

In conclusion, I would say that if you travel a lot, go to the gym a lot, race a lot, or drive to where you run, (add whatever else you want to in this blank space, but keep it short: ______), Eagle Creek seems to have made a pretty smart, lightweight product here that works as it says.  There are 13 Pack-it Sport products in this line of Eagle Creek merchandise and you can save 15% off any of them right now if you use code SPORT15, courtesy of Bib Rave.  Enjoy!!!

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