Monday, May 29, 2017

Product Review: BUFF® UV Arm Sleeves

BUFF® UV Arm Sleeves for hot weather!

Disclaimer: I received a pair of BUFF® UV Arm Sleeves to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to find and write race reviews. 

I realized after I ordered my BUFF® UV arm sleeves, that being white and having a UPF rating to 40+, they were actually for HOT weather conditions.  I was thinking of them more for cool-cold weather conditions, or conditions where the weather starts off cool and goes to hot, say as the sun rises.  That said, they still work as I was thinking, (also having some reflective elements for low light conditions in early morning or early evening), but the idea of wearing them purposely when it is hot, throws up some interesting reservations, yet also, opportunities.

The BUFF® UV Arm Sleeves along with my BibRave tech tee are a great match!

My reservations about wearing arm sleeves in hot weather would they would leave funky weird tan lines.  As runners, we already have weird funky tan lines from wind burn, sun burn, and wearing various gadgets and strange clothes like knee high compression socks, Road ID, and various beard lengths/styles for the guys, and varying hair lengths for the ladies.  So, I guess, in some ways, what's one more weird tan line.  

What about too hot?  While I did notice a bit extra warmth on a trail run the other day in the woods, the next run I wore them on the roads, where there actually was probably more sun, but also more wind, they seemed just about right.  Being that I got a white pair, that seems to help as well.  A couple of other runners said that they actually should be cooler on days where you could burn easily, and there is alway the option to soak them in cold water or fill some with ice in order to help keep one's core temperature down on especially hot runs/races during the Summer.  

So, I guess that I can deal with my reservations, perhaps you can too.

Another great addition to the BUFF® product line.

Opportunities include a couple of the things just mentioned.  I have had some real scorcher runs/races in the past.  I can think of two races in back to back years in Nebraska where it was the hottest day of the Summer and soaking arm sleeves in ice or cold water actually might have really helped keep my core temp down.  I was already doing that with my cap at those races.

Not burning on bright, intense, hot Summer days would also be nice, especially around the cuff area of short sleeve shirts.  I am not a person who usually uses sunscreen when I run because I don't like it and I because of sweat/humidity issues.

Some reflective elements.
UPF 40+ is pretty useful!

Finally, the sleeves have light compression, wick, and are antimicrobial.  They also match well with many other BUFF® products including the UV Half BUFF® like the one pictured below that I got a couple of years ago at the Bangtail Divide race in Montana.

BUFF® Arm Sleeves with my BUFF® Half Buff from Bangtail Divide 38K 2015, and my Charlie's Old Goat Trail Run 2016 tech shirt.  A great matching set!!!

BUFF® always makes great products.  These are worth the investment, so head on over to  Enjoy!!!

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