Wednesday, July 12, 2017

2017 Racing Season: Webster Trail Classic, June 3, Webster, NY

As Spring turned close to Summer and the kids started to get itchy for release from homework and school schedules, I drove over to a little park tucked into the woods of Webster, NY for the Webster Trail Classic 10 Miler.  

In typical laid back trail racing ways, the registration booth was a park shelter and the route was set by a runner wanting to put on a race as is so normal for many of us who truly enjoy the lessons we learn out on a run.  Simple, laid back, and easy. I think I got a car decal as my swag!!!  There were 74 finishers, so I am assuming about the same amount started. Just before we went off to wind through the beginning of the park and onto the trails, I saw my friend Shari who I hadn't raced with since back in October at a race in the dark.  We chatted along with a few of her friends and then gathered to prepare for the start.

We would be running through three parks: Webster Park, Whiting Road Nature Preserve, and Gosnell Big Woods Preserve, (an old growth forest we had special permission to run through for this race), and then back again to the start.  The Race Director did note that there were several trees still down in the first park from the wind storm earlier in the year, and that he had cut several branches off many of them, but still to be careful.  

As we got into the first park, the RD's words were very true, lots of hopping, jumping, and climbing over of downed trees.  Though many branches were cut off, I still managed to spear my left leg on one branch which led to crystalized, salty blood after the race was over, drizzled like icing down my leg.  If only it had been rock candy, it would have been an instant sugar rush!!!

The course was great, it was fun, despite my ongoing case of PF, to run 10 miles in the woods for a couple of hours and feel the enjoyment of a long run that I rarely get to do much anymore.  The turnaround point in the far field in the last forest was very open to the sun and got a bit hot, but I refilled on water and got going again back into the woods.

I was running back and forth with one other runner as we got into the final stretch back home and she started going off course, but I corrected her and then shortly left her behind as we made our way through some deep pine woods.  I was glad I had loosened up on the final quarter mile or so before the race as I then had an idea when I was almost home. While I would have liked to have been a bit faster, I will take my time and with it 55th out of 74 for the day.

Sorry no pics, I didn't take any during the race, and the few I had before and after I deleted. But, it was a low key, very enjoyable race, just the type I like, and I hope to do it again next year.

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