Thursday, August 24, 2017

Product Review: Under Armour Horizon RTT Trail Shoes

The Under Armour Horizon RTT

Disclaimer: I received a pair of Under Armour Horizon RTT to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to find and write race reviews.

The new Under Armour Horizon RTTs are one of the companies first forays into the trail running scene and parallel their inaugural trail running series that includes stops in Oregon, Vermont, and Colorado. (See my review of the Vermont Weekend here: Vermont Vert Challenge.)  

I circulated the RTTs into my shoe lineup and was able to get out in them for a few runs before this review.  Though they do not have a lot of miles on them at this point, I have noticed a few things already both pro and con that you might want to consider.

Color and design.  I am not a big fan of the colors on the shoes I demoed.  Black, while it might not show the dirt as much, is way too hot to run in if you are on any trail outside of the woods.  White shows way too much dirt.  The venting on the top surface, though there appears to be quite a bit, doesn't actually breathe well and makes my feet hot even on short runs.

While there seems like a lot of ventilation on the shoe, it does not actually breathe very well.

The gusseted tongue is a great addition, but I would love one more hole for the shoelaces on the collar in order to tie them tighter as I do with my other trail shoes.  Finally, the word "Charged" on the outside of both shoes is already starting to peel off.

The word "Charged" started peeling off on just my second run.

Durability and stability.  The RTTs have what seems like some pretty solid lugs on the bottom for trail running.  Though they might wear quickly on the roads, they should hold up pretty good on the trails.  That's not a guarantee by any means, and I could be totally wrong.

The shoe is probably a more neutral foot shoe.  I need a bit more stability in my shoes and could definitely feel a lack of support on my right foot the longer I wore them.  I also did not find them comfortable to just wear around as I do with some of my trainers because of the lack of support and because they got too hot as I noted earlier.

The tread on the Horizon RTTs does seem to be pretty solid for trail running.

Conclusion.  I think these might be a good trainer for a neutral stride trail runner who wants some good traction.  If, however, you are looking for something with a bit more support or for a shoe that breathes well, this might not be the best fit.  I see them fitting into my line-up more on colder days when I am concerned about my feet getting colder on a short trail run, or possibly as a good shoe to strap snowshoes on in the wintertime.  

I think that they are a fair first attempt by Under Armour into trail running and I look forward to seeing improvements in the future.  Enjoy!

Hanging out in my Under Armour Horizon RTTs the day after the Under Armour Vertical Challenge in Killington, Vermont.

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