Thursday, February 22, 2018

Product Review: pjuractive 2Skin Anti-Chafing Gel

pjuractive 2skin Anti-Chafing Gel is great for everyday activities as well as sport training and competition.

Disclaimer: I received a collection of samples from pjuractive to review 2skin anti-chafing gel as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to find and write race reviews.

Winter sports training is hard on the body, and especially the skin.  Between dry, cold conditions and heavy winds, any part of your body exposed to the elements can pretty easily get chapped or chafed.  In addition, as our body heats up, the moisture in the air along with our own sweat soaks the lower layers, and to be honest, even with all our wicking clothes, we can get pretty wet.  These conditions within our own body and clothing also promote various concerns like blisters and chafing, even chapping if the wind blows through the clothes.  Now, take all that and mix in dry heat conditions in various home and work conditions and your skin can really get irritated.  This isn't news to anyone of course...but what can help?

Enter in pjuractive 2skin anti-chafing gel.  This breathable, water resistant gel forms a protective layer or film on the skin that doesn't block the pores while preventing chafing on any area of the body.  Made in Germany, 2skin is not as thick as petroleum jelly yet, a bit thicker than say olive oil.  You simply put a few drops on your fingers and then rub in onto the area of concern.  Multiple applications will make a stronger protective layer.  

You can see it was a moist day by my hat, I'm looking a bit weathered, but the anti-chafing gel 2skin kept me from having any issues on the run.

I have been using pjuractive's 2skin anti-chafing gel now for well over a month with no issues.  I have even applied it to my forehead and face to help with wind burn and it seems to work for this fairly well.  For those of you wondering, it is a silicone based gel that "strengthens the skin's cell structure and distributes pressure over a larger area" according to the website.  I have had no issues using it and the gel is so much easier and way less messy than using things like petroleum jelly.  In addition to sports like running, cycling, hiking, or skiing, pjuractive 2skin anti-chafing gel is great for those who wear high heels and/or need protective equipment at work that often can rub and cause irritations as well.

Check it out at and give it a try especially in these winter months and as you get ready for those summer sporting activities.  Enjoy!

pjuractive 2skin works well while snowshoeing as well!

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