Friday, May 25, 2018

Online Review:

My profile from the easy to use Athlinks app on Apple. is a newer site where you can find athletic results as well as connect with fellow athletes, check on rivals, and find new events.  In addition to the site, there is an Athlinks app, and for this review, all pics are from the application found on the iTiunes store.

The screenshot above is my profile.  After the site searched on me and I approved the results that came up that were mine, (not too hard, since I only know of one other Brad Zinnecker in the country), this page will give you your best results from the ones that they have in the system.  That is important to note, because while some of the results above are my best times for different distances, the 5K road for example, is not.  The 4 mile run looks slow, but not so much if you realize it was a trail race I ran with my kids.  So, just saying, not every race is in the database, (I've competed in way more than 43 races since 2000), but quite a few are, including some pretty old ones for me as noted below:

Notice the final result is from a 2002 trail duathlon I did back in Massachusetts.  Again, pretty neat to have all these results easy to find and even show off to others, or simply remember.  Perhaps you lost a result?  You might be able to find it on Athlinks.  

The site also has an ongoing timeline for events you might have coming up or even friends of yours that you connect with on Athlinks as you would any other social media outlet.  This page also shows several of my most recent results from 2017.

All in all, the site online as well as through the app is pretty easy to use and quite fun!!!  If you haven't tried it yet, head on over to and give it a shot!!!  Enjoy!!!

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