Monday, September 3, 2018

Product Review: Shady Rays Signature Series Black Infrared Polarized

The Shady Rays Signature Series Black Infrared Polarized work great during sunrise out in the open on a trail run.

Disclaimer: I received a pair of  
Shady Rays Signature Series Black Infrared Polarized sunglasses as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to find and write race reviews.

Action oriented, fashionable sunglasses continue to hit the market at much more reasonable costs than ever before it seems like the past couple of years.  Shady Rays is one such company offering great specs specs at a decent price point with a strong lifetime warranty.  Their glasses are shatter resistant polarized lenses in a variety of styles.  They are an independent company and provide 11 meals for Feeding America with every order purchased.  Sounds like something many of us could get behind here in the endurance sports community, but how are the actual glasses?

As with most companies in this market, the Shady Rays come with a microfiber cleansing pouch.

I chose, without looking to be honest, just simply going by the description, to demo the Signature Series Black Infrared Polarized glasses.  One of the ironic things about this pair of glasses to me is, that while the lenses look fire orange/red, looking through them, the lenses actually tone down the environment around you with more of a blue tint.  This of course reduces the glare and makes it easier to see in the environment around you, being especially useful for surfaces such as snow and water.

I liked the black matte frame, choosing to keep it simple always works well I think, and though it's taken me a while to get use to the lens color from the outside, I think these will be awesome glasses come this winter when I hope to train and compete in a local snowshoe series.  

My Shady Rays in action earlier today in the humidity and mosquito craziness of a local trail run.

Glasses at the Shady Rays website range from $35-75 with the pair I demoed running $45 or you could upgrade to the extreme for another $15 and top out at $60 for a really nice pair of specs.  I had a couple of other friends try them out and here's what they thought below:


Well, I thought they looked pretty hip, especially for a night out with the ladies at the local mountain lake.  I think they draw attention away from my thin legs and towards my naturally beautiful face.

Moose, just hanging around and trying on my specs.

Super Giant Lobster, Lobbie, or Super G:

The fire red/orange lenses really blend in well with my sleek red shell, making them almost an extension of my body.  The polarized lenses are great for being able to see in the murkiest parts of the ocean floor.  But I really wish they had included a strap so I could keep them on my head more easily as I trolled the sea floor looking for the ever elusive hideout of Atlantis.

Yo!  Don't eat me!

In conclusion, the glasses work well, are comfortable, come at a great price, have a lifetime warranty, and help proved food for those in need.  Give them a try and enjoy!!!

Added the Shady Rays sticker to my race shelf!

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