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2019 Week 9 Review: TrailsRoc 7th Birthday, My Facebook Rant, Weekly Stats, Trail Running Tip

7th Birthday TrailsRoc Group pic, courtesy of Chris O'Brien.

A good week, though mileage is still not super high, I got out for four runs which is another step in the right direction.  Catch up with this quick weekly review!

TrailsRoc 7th Birthday Run:

Saturday celebrated the local TrailsRoc trail running groups' 7th birthday.  We met at Kreag Park in Pittsford, NY for a short snowy run on the Crescent Trail before sharing some treats.  There were about 40 or people in attendance including kids and there were a few dogs as well.  This group is a very welcoming and friendly group with various runs during the week, each and every week, as well as putting on trail maintenance days and a few races each year.  I am fortunate to be able to have found such a great group and I love meeting up with them when I can or saying hi at races.  Out of respect and a desire to want to say thank you for their welcoming embrace when I moved here three years ago, as well as every time I see them, I reached out to a few companies I represent as well as a friendly company from Syracuse, to get some goodies to share.  While TrailsRoc does not endorse any particular company in any way, they were kind enough to let me bring samples from Nuun and The Ginger People to share, as well as packs from Orange Mud to demo .  In addition, Orange Mud also sent a pack to give away to one lucky winner, and AfterShokz sent a pair of Trekz Titanium to give away.  Thank you again to all four companies, everyone was really psyched for the free samples as well as the demo and the two awesome prizes we raffled off!  Below are some pics from our get together.

Getting ready to run on the Crescent Trail.

Brooke and Bob running ahead of me as we head back throught the snow.

The stark contrast of the bare brown trees and the newly fallen snow were awesome yesterday.

Heading up and back!

A strange cowboy, (me?), flies the Orange Mud colors as board member Sheila takes my pic.

Halfway there...oh on a prayer...actually I was running pretty well yesterday...but I do usually pray at some point during a run!

Topping out!

Our headphone winner...whose name escapes me now!

Barb, our pack winner, who I met "officially" on the trail.

My Facebook Rant:

So Wednesday I had finally had it with all the winter haters out there and posted this before work in the morning: do I word this...I’m kind of getting tired of runners whining about having to use the treadmill because it’s snowing or cold out. To me...If you don’t like running on the treadmill then layer up and get outside. I ran 4 mi outside in dark cold conditions & it was great. Running on the treadmill... that’s like death to me...

I ended up having about 9 comments and over 20 likes.  Not huge, but it definitely hit a spot for a few people one way or the other.  I don't own a treadmill, and I don't want to really.  If you like them and want to run on them, fine.  Consider yourself fortunate, but please stop whining about winter.  I ran four times this week in winter weather having to be very careful of the windburn (2nd year) on my eyelid, lathering it up with Aquaphor before every run, and oftentimes 1-2 more times during the day.  

Yet, this winter, going all the way back to Thanksgiving and through yesterday's group run, I have enjoyed thoroughly.  Maybe its because I finally started feeling pain free again at the beginning of the year.  Maybe it's because God pulled me out of a 2+ year dark hole (self-diagnosed) depression in early November 2018.  Maybe it's because competing in and doing so well in the local snow shoe series gave me something to push myself.  Whatever it is, perhaps it's enjoying living again and actually kind of always liking colder weather, praise God!  

If you don't like winter, that's up to you.  But maybe if you sought a way to enjoy it instead of complain about it, you'd find it's pretty awesome!  Now, can we talk about those Summers in Iowa I struggled through with 80-90F temps and the same humidity...

Weekly Stats:

Well, only .1 more miles than last week, but 1 more run than the week before, which means I am back up to 4 runs a week.  If Saturday had been my normal run, then most likely mileage would have been higher.  Overall though, 13.4 miles with 800 feet of gain and 845 feet of loss.  

Trail Running Tip:

This is really an any sport tip, and it's fairly simple:  lay out your clothes, shoes, and anything else you will need, the night before if running (biking, etc.), the next day.  

This means you will also need to take into account and look up on the computer or an app, the temperature and weather for the next morning and account for rain, wind, etc.

This means you will need to make sure any devices you use like GPS, MP3 player, etc. are charged.

This also may mean alerting someone that you are going out.  In certain cases it may mean making sure you have pepper spray.  In extreme cases, it may mean carrying bear spray.

In other words, you are making your commitment to run, (or bike, whatever), at night before you go to sleep so your mind is set on doing it in the morning and there's no argument when you wake up.

Is it fool proof...ha...yeah right...but it helps more times than naught.  Plus, it means you take less time getting around and make less noise in the morning when you get up!

Send Off:

May the Lord bless you and keep you,
May He make His face to shine upon you and bless you,
May He life His countenance upon you and give you peace.

from Numbers 6, the Aaronic Blessing.

Get out there and ENJOY this week!!!---Bradford Zinnecker

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